ECU Kickoff!

Today I’m sharing two beautiful faces that started the kickoff to my ECU graduation dates for this spring! Unfortunately, the weather man doesn’t like me from time to time, so I had to reschedule with one group. Thankfully, these two girls were able to work it out and meet up with me on Saturday morning! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the flowers were in bloom, the sun was shining, and all was right in the world. Campus was peaceful and quiet and I thought wow, this is just perfect. Until 9:00am rolled around… Turns out it was ECU Admissions Day, where all the future freshman that were accepted for the Fall, plus their entire family, got to tour campus together – OH, YAY- that’s super fun! But not when I have graduation photos taking place. 🙂 An insane amount of people were walking all over campus and traveling in groups to EVERY location where we took photos. The ECU band was also on campus playing us some jams, so we didn’t mind that at all. There were moments where massive groups of people were staring and watching us, but I was so impressed with the way these girls basically didn’t care at all. Courtney and Jessie both KILLED it!! They were twerkin’ it, workin’ it, and were probably the talk of the town (campus) because their faces are just that pretty. 🙂 Those little soon-to-be freshman kids got a sneak peek into what it’s like when you’re about to graduate from ECU – MAJOR CELEBRATION with balloons, confetti, and of course, champagne!!!

I’m so happy I could meet Jessie and Courtney, they were both the sweetest! It got me ready and pumped up for the rest of my senior sessions coming up this Spring! I sadly had to turn away a lot of ECU seniors this season because I only have time for two weekend trips to Greenville and they are booked full to the brim!! Now I know that I will just have to start blocking off weekends in the future! 🙂 I am honestly shocked at the amount of inquiries I received this spring and it’s humbling to know that so many people want me as their senior photographer! Now for the fun part: here are some of my favorites from Jessie and Courtney’s graduation sessions:


Congratulations to Courtney, who is graduating with her Masters degree in Recreational Therapy Administration!!! YOU GO GIRL! She is the cutest ever and I LOVED her props!!



Congratulations to the beautiful Jessie, graduating in Public Health! I’m a huge fan of the champagne popping and bringing your man! 🙂 Oh, and confetti of course!



XO, Remy

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