Champagne Popping Gone Wrong at ECU

If you didn’t already know/if you haven’t read my introduction blog, I graduated from East Carolina University in 2014. One of my favorite things that came from going to school there is getting asked to go back every Fall and Spring to take graduation photos. I could go on and on about how much I love being able to travel back to do this. I always meet the most beautiful people (inside and out), plus we have SO much fun on our sessions! I just love the feeling of visiting campus and being able to celebrate the bitter-sweet feeling of graduating. I personally couldn’t wait to get out of college because I hated school work, especially presentations- the good Lord knows I do NOT do presentations, but I made it through. I have met so many people feeling confused about leaving college. Graduating means so much more than saying goodbye to a class schedule, homework, and annoying meetings. It means parting from your closest friends, moving away and finding a new home, struggling to find a job, or maybe struggling through a first job that isn’t the greatest, not as much napping, and a lot of spooky scary thoughts about your place in life. It means growing up, figuring out your next steps, missing a lot of memories, and having to go out of your way to see your friends rather than being a walk away. These things can be hard to accept. Although it is so exciting to have succeeded through 4 years (or longer) of college, it is still just a bitter-sweet feeling.

It makes my heart so happy to be able to see friends celebrate their years of friendship and their next chapter by having a graduation shoot together. This one in particular filled my heart with extra joy. Rachel, Sarah, and Madison had a beautiful group session at all the main locations of ECU’s campus. Their friendship and love for one another shined through each photo while laughing and smiling the entire afternoon. I have known these girls since they first entered Sigma Sigma Sigma while I was still a student at East Carolina. When they first showed up, I was stunned at how much their faces matured and how GORGEOUS they looked!! We had a blast with each other, and maybe a little too much fun with the champagne once they finally got them to pop! You’ll see when Sarah gets sprayed in the eyes while Madison ducks for cover and Rachel not being able to control the bottle. I am the worst person ever and could NOT stop laughing. That was a first for the champagne popping going wrong, but it was too funny!! I adored the confetti shots and also bringing their boyfriends along for a few shots! I am so thankful they asked me to do this and I hope you enjoy their pretty little party session! 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah graduating in Psychology, Rachel graduating in Hospitality Management, and Madison in Business Management!! YGG! SLAM! GO PIRATES! Those are always fun to say, hehe.



And here comes the champagne!!


How is it possible that they still looked amazing after a champagne shower?!


XO, Remy

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  1. Remy – these photos are awesome! You do fabulous work and I know those three beautiful girls helped! Thanks for sharing – Chris (Tanner’s Mom)

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