Photography For Hubbies: Lesson Three

This may not be a lesson on photography, but instead it is a lesson on loving your significant other in order to succeed as a team. Working together as a couple means trusting your teammate, partner, and other half. You want to be able to provide the same experience for your client through both of you, so it is important to always be on the same page. This takes hard work while loving one another during the highs and lows of running a business. Being patient, understanding each other, and having fun is crucial to a successful partnership!

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Now, Eli and I are going to have our moments when he becomes my second shooter and we don’t expect to nail this husband and wife team thing right away either. We know we work well together and balance each other out in the best ways. We can use our own strengths to our advantage of course, but then we have to think about our own weaknesses and where to improve. The imperfections that we have are why we work together so well and love each other so much. It also challenges us to work hard at understanding each other better and solving our problems. Not only as a photography team, but as a couple, too. We have been working at these challenges more and more throughout our long engagement. Loving your partner means loving every side to them,  with every “flaw”, and learning how to overcome every big or little thing together. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of your partner is such an important part of a relationship. Knowing these things can allow you to help each other, better each other, understand each other, it opens communication, and gives opportunities to sacrifice for one another.

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I have listed ten questions below for you all to think about, talk about, and work on. These can be related to a husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, your teammate, your partner, your soulmate, etc. Try answering separately, then talk it over together! I would LOVE some feedback on your conversations after you’re done- GO TEAM!

  1. What are your strengths + weaknesses?
  2. What are your partners strengths + weaknesses?
  3. What are your major differences?
  4. How can you overcome your differences?
  5. What is your love “language”? (if you aren’t sure what this is LOOK IT UP)
  6. What ways do you communicate the best? When is it at it’s worst?
  7. Why do you think you make a great team?
  8. What do you love about this person the most?
  9. What would you like to improve on as a couple?
  10. What could you sacrifice or work on that your partner would appreciate the most?

I hope this can help you build your relationship, make it stronger, and create conversations for you and your loved one! If you are newlyweds or getting married soon, like us, this is a great way to open conversation when you’re struggling to work as a team. We all know that relationships aren’t always easy, but that’s the best part. You are constantly given the opportunity to work on yourself and work together to improve and grow your love. Don’t be afraid to communicate when you’re feeling discouraged and don’t ignore your emotions. Embrace those moments and conquer life TOGETHER. Love is the strongest force there is, which means it can be overwhelming and complicated at times. It’s up to you to try hard and to keep trying, because love is the most rewarding and beautiful mess out there.

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Eli and I have been together for four years, and we think we’ve seen it all.. but we know there is SO much more to learn. Being able to do life with him makes my heart sing, fills me with joy, and lights up my world. Our love for each other is unconditional and in 51 days we will be committing to a life together. We will be united with an unbreakable bond through God’s word and promising to love each other during the good, the bad, and the ugly.  There isn’t a single soul that could be more perfect to be my life partner. I can’t wait to be his wife. I can’t wait for our wedding day. I can’t wait to raise a family together. And I can’t wait to kiss him when we’re 90 years old. There is a lifetime to look forward to with him, and we will work at our relationship every step of the way. Having Eli train to be my second shooter for future weddings makes me so excited that we can share our love for clients together. He’s going to add elements that I personally don’t have to offer, and that’s what will make our experience so special.

Think about what you and your partner have to offer as a couple. How can you share both of your strengths and balance out the weaknesses in order to succeed as a team? Use the love you have for each other and share that with your clients and the world. Nothing can go wrong when you spread love like butter! 😉 Best wishes, lovers!

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P.S. obsessed with our engagement photos by Hope Taylor Photography. We can’t wait for the wedding pictures! 🙂

XO, Remy 

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  1. This was the best post yet! Very real & raw, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and the couple’s questions! What a great way to share meaningful conversation with the one we love ❤️

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