Photography For Hubbies: Lesson 6

Let’s talk about LIGHTING! OoOoOo exciting!!! I know Eli has been waiting for this one…

I learned a few things over the past year about my style, what I like, and what I really don’t like. Before I found a few tips and tricks from my education courses, I found myself getting frustrated about the outcome of my photos. I wasn’t sure why my images weren’t turning out how I wanted them to. Since then, I have learned the simplest of tricks to make my images turn out the way I wanted. After I started getting the hang of it, I thought, “am I an idiot? Why didn’t I think of that before?!” So if you’re thinking the same thing, DON’T. You are not an idiot, you are still learning, and even though it takes the smallest things to make the biggest difference, that doesn’t mean you should have already known about it! Now, sometimes these tricks won’t always work because it may not be available at the location or time of day when you’re on a time strain for a wedding or event. It’s okay if you don’t nail it every time, but most of the time, you can make it work!!

  1. Have A Plan. Schedule your sessions about 2 hours before sunset and you will get that perfect golden lighting. 45 minutes before sunset is golden hour, and who doesn’t love that? Educate your clients and let then know why you need to schedule at that time. Remember the sunset time changes throughout the year!
  2. The Sun Is Your Friend. Hello, sunshine, let’s work together! The two hours before sunset, shoot backlit; meaning you should have the sun behind your subject. After sunset, turn the client towards the sun. I never have my clients facing the sun, unless there is a certain type of image I am trying to create, which is unlikely for my style. I love when the light hits the back of my client’s hair, not the front of their face. Some photographer like that, but it’s just not my style!
  3. Shade Can Be Nice. If the sun is too strong 2 hours before sunset, you’ll want to shoot in the open shade. Keep your lens in the shade so that it doesn’t create a hazy look. You can use a lens hood, something to block the sun off your camera, or even use your hand…it works!
  4. Spotty Lighting Is Your Worst Enemy. You want your subject and background to have even lighting from head to toe. When you see the splotchy areas where the sun is making everything spotty, avoid it! You want to find a spot where the lighting is soft and even so you can clearly see your subject.
  5. Choose Your Backgrounds Wisely. If you’re like me, then you like bright and pretty backgrounds. I try avoiding dark background whenever possible. Next time you’re on a shoot, concentrate on what’s in the background. If you have the option of using the cool, dark, wooden door or the boring, white wall, you’re surprisingly going to want the white wall to create your consistent bright style!


If you’re interested in knowing more about these little tricks, comment, message, or email me with questions! I also just recently started offering something you might be really excited about! 🙂 I hope these tips help and make a BIG difference in your work!

XO, Remy

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