Truth About Change

Are you afraid of change? Why is it so freaky to think about? Is it the thought of taking a risk or doing something out of your comfort zone?

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Maybe you need a change in your job, your living situation, from negative people/things… Whatever it is, you know it has to change, but you’re afraid of what comes next.

Maybe you’re afraid of how people would react. Maybe you’re afraid of failing. Maybe it’s because you’re doing something that would make you happier but might let someone else down. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, isn’t it?

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I know the feeling all too well and it’s soooo not easy making big changes. Sometimes the best things you can do for yourself are the hardest decisions to make. Change is good when you know it’s going to make a positive difference in your lifestyle. Change means growth and isn’t that ultimately our goal in life? To grow, to be a better person, to live and learn?

I know I’m not the only one who has heard this one before… “you’ve changed”… I mean come on, that’s so dramatic. Of course, I’ve changed!!!! I want to change. I think I heard this line in context or something similar from middle school to high school, from high school to college, from college to now. There’s always someone who wants to point out how much you’ve changed, even when it’s a good change. Whether it’s about changing your wardrobe, turning down a drink to study instead, hanging out with different people, breaking up with a boyfriend, arguing with your parents, trying new hobbies, sticking up for yourself or someone else, moving somewhere different, starting a new career, adjusting your diet… Ohhh the drama, the horror, the shame!!!! So much change in our lifetime, it really just throws people for a loop, doesn’t it!?

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Here’s the hard truth… The worst part about change is how others react to your own decisions. That’s what makes it really scary. People aren’t always going to approve of your changes because in some cases, they’re just thinking about how it might affect them. Those people who want to prevent you from change don’t do it on purpose. It has nothing to do with the decision you’re making and everything to do with their own fears and emotions. There are always going to be people who want to hold you back from making a change. Not because they don’t want you to do this or that, but because they are afraid of facing their own truth and the changes they need to make but aren’t ready for it yet. They see you making changes and start looking at their own lives in comparison. Sadly, there are always going to be a few people in our lives who don’t know how to let go of comparison and begin to compete or make you feel bad for moving on with your life. Of course, we will always have those people who are the opposite and are genuinely happy about our decisions. Those are the people who will cheer you on and celebrate your success, your new ventures, and your hardest choices in life.

So the next time you’re ready to make a change, remember to be strong and stay focused on the positive. Don’t be afraid to make a change because of what someone else will say, get excited about your future!  A good lesson to take from this is to remember the next time someone close to you is making a change in their life but it might affect your life or emotions, try to be careful about how you speak your mind. Remember how important it is to support and love people through change because facing that is hard enough.

My husband and I have made several big changes and huge decisions since we got engaged 3 years ago- all of which were beneficial to our relationship and our future. This was a topic that we often discussed everytime we found ourselves thinking too much about what everyone was thinking/saying/feeling, instead of putting our happiness first. We struggled with accepting change, but once we made the changes, there was no looking back and we couldn’t have been more proud of those decisions. We were excited about our future, no matter what other people had to say. Sure, it was scary, but we were ready to grow and prosper together. We couldn’t let anyone or anything hold us back from what we knew was the right path for us.


I write this message in hopes that it speaks to you, inspires you, and gives you the boost you need to make that change you’ve been waiting for. Making changes to your lifestyle doesn’t mean you’re selfish or that you’ve become this totally different person. It means you’re ready to better yourself, to take those next steps into your future, and to do something amazing. Don’t let anyone hold you back from dreaming big. I’m rooting for you, friend!

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