Pretty In Pink Styled Shoot at Amber Grove

EEE, I’m so excited to share this!!! This styled shoot was definitely all things REMY, exactly what I wanted! All pink everything, even the Thunderbird, the heart shaped glasses, the florals, the ring, it’s everywhere you look! Of course the getaway is the best thing of all time and my new favorite wedding prop, but there are so many other fun things I loved about this shoot! From the beautifully delicate details and invitation suite, to the dried floral earrings, the beautiful calligraphy scroll with the romantic cake, the veil shots into golden hour portraits, then a seriously crazy yet amazing champagne pop (that unfortunately sprayed the bride in the face, but she survived it and moved on quickly haha!), andddd a perfect ending with soft golden light! This February afternoon was the warmest day of winter, like 70 degrees, which was amazingggg, but it was so cloudy during the car pictures that I started get bummed about not getting good lighting. Next thing you know, we’re popping champagne while the sun starts peaking out and thankfully it stuck around until the end! Sunshine makes a world of a difference and I’m obsessed with all these pretty portraits.

Allie and Daena were incredible models, so patient and fun to work with, I’m so happy I met them just a few months before the photoshoot through mutual friends! And yes, they really are married, so that makes everything easier for me! 🙂 I can’t thank these talented vendors enough for their participation and sharing their wonderful gifts with us! All I wanted was a super girly, all-things-Remy styled shoot to have fun with and they totally made that come to life.

The pink getaway car will be a new prop I can use at any time with my own clients and even at my couple’s weddings eventually! While packages and contracts are still being worked on, feel free to contact me if you have interest in using the car for a photoshoot with me! I can’t wait to use it more- it’s even cuter in person, friends! 🙂


Venue: Amber Grove Inn
Florals: Rose Avenue Floral Design
Invitation Suite: By Invitation Only
Hair and Makeup: His or Hers Salon and Spa (Madison Armstrong)
Cake: Lemon Lane Cakes
Calligraphy Scroll: Letterful

VDay 2020 Styled Shoot.26.jpg2020-02-26_0001.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.15.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.402.jpg2020-02-26_0002.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.21.jpg2020-02-26_0003.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.36.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.397.jpg2020-02-26_0004.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.41.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.399.jpg2020-02-26_0005.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.47.jpg2020-02-26_0006.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.59.jpg2020-02-26_0007.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.84.jpg2020-02-26_0008.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.88.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.215.jpg2020-02-26_0009.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.125.jpg2020-02-26_0010.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.108.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.217.jpg2020-02-26_0012.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.226.jpg2020-02-26_0014.jpg2020-02-26_0013.jpg2020-02-26_0011.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.134.jpg2020-02-26_0015.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.144.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.159.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.154.jpg2020-02-26_0016.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.150.jpg2020-02-26_0017.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.153.jpg2020-02-26_0018.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.162.jpg2020-02-26_0019.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.185.jpg2020-02-26_0020.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.194.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.199.jpg2020-02-26_0021.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.208.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.212.jpg2020-02-26_0022.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.241.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.287.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.269.jpg2020-02-26_0023.jpg2020-02-26_0026.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.263.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.283.jpg2020-02-26_0027.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.293.jpg2020-02-26_0024.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.274.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.284.jpg2020-02-26_0025.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.309.jpg2020-02-26_0028.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.312.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.314.jpg2020-02-26_0029.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.319.jpg2020-02-26_0030.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.357.jpg2020-02-26_0035.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.372.jpg2020-02-26_0036.jpg2020-02-26_0031.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.333.jpg2020-02-26_0032.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.335.jpg2020-02-26_0033.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.349.jpg2020-02-26_0034.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.391.jpg2020-02-26_0038.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.380.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.387.jpg2020-02-26_0037.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.381.jpg2020-02-26_0039.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.375.jpg

A Romantic Virginia Beach Couple’s Session | Lindsey + Peyton

I have to say, I think this is probably one of my favorite couples sessions, even if it’s a little throw back. Everything about Lindsey and Peyton’s shoot at the beach was beyond dreamy, steamy, and romantic. The lighting was perfect, the ocean was calm, plus these two were happy to climb a few rocks and get their feet wet. Lindsey’s eyes pop the most beautiful bright blue and the dress was a perfect choice, plus I just love how much taller Peyton is than Lindsey because it always puts them in a natural pose that just looks so cute! Between their chemistry, the way they look at each other, and the entire setting overall… I’m smitten over every picture!

These two got engaged last Fall and these were taken just a few months before while I was visiting Virginia Beach. After knowing this sweet couple for such a long time, I was thrilled to see them get engaged and I am so excited to be the one to capture their wedding day THIS WEEKEND!!!! It’s going to be such a special day, I can’t wait to see Lindsey as a stunning bride and her handsome groom all dressed up!

Richmond Engagement Session | Sarah + Matthew

Welcome to one of my favorite engagement sessions EVER. Sarah and Matthew decided to have the ultimate Richmond photo shoot in four awesome locations. We started with the formal and romantic look at the VA State Capitol, then they changed into the coolest outfits for two very meaningful places to them. We stopped outside of the Berkeley Hotel and then walked over to the fountain where Matthew proposed! I loved the way he just scooped her up and spun her around- so cute!! For our last location, we made it to Libby Hill Park at the perfect time for some champagne popping and golden hour kisses. Everything about their engagement session was just so dreamy!! I adore these two and their love for each other. Sarah and Matthew tied the knot last weekend at Amber Grove and I can’t wait to share their beautiful day on the blog next week!

Senior Prom Portraits | VMFA

Riley, Julia, and Gracie seriously rocked their senior prom portraits! I have been looking forward to this session for a while now and they turned out amazing! These three ladies are so beautiful and have their own style that matches each personality! Riley is spunky and not afraid to try something daring, like the sassy red dress she chose. She also brought along her prom date who looked very charming in his prom attire and they were TOO cute together!! Julia has a soft and sweet personality which goes along with her choice of a beautiful white gown with pretty beading at the top. Gracie is girly and enchanting, much like her pink twirly dress that I probably would have chosen myself if that were available for my prom back in the day! 🙂 Each of these girls knocked it out of the park and the VMFA even gave us some pretty pink trees that made for magazine worthy images! Just wait until you see those blooms (insert heart eyes emoji)!! I’m in love with these portraits and I just adore these girls!

Libby Hill Engagement Session | Melinda + Tom

Melinda and Tom are getting married SO SOON and I seriously can’t wait!!! I grew up in the same neighborhood as Melinda and we cheered together in middle school. When she contacted me to be her wedding photographer, I was shocked and so excited to hear from her! It’s always so much fun to reconnect with an old friend, but it’s an honor when you’re asked to capture one of the biggest days of their lives. Their engagement session is just a sneak peek of how stunning their wedding portraits are going to be. Libby Hill was the perfect spot for these two as the sun set over the Richmond skyline. Between Melinda’s model face and the way Tom looks into her eyes, I knew these pictures were going to be amazing. Just see for yourself!