Pretty In Pink Styled Shoot at Amber Grove

EEE, I’m so excited to share this!!! This styled shoot was definitely all things REMY, exactly what I wanted! All pink everything, even the Thunderbird, the heart shaped glasses, the florals, the ring, it’s everywhere you look! Of course the getaway is the best thing of all time and my new favorite wedding prop, but there are so many other fun things I loved about this shoot! From the beautifully delicate details and invitation suite, to the dried floral earrings, the beautiful calligraphy scroll with the romantic cake, the veil shots into golden hour portraits, then a seriously crazy yet amazing champagne pop (that unfortunately sprayed the bride in the face, but she survived it and moved on quickly haha!), andddd a perfect ending with soft golden light! This February afternoon was the warmest day of winter, like 70 degrees, which was amazingggg, but it was so cloudy during the car pictures that I started get bummed about not getting good lighting. Next thing you know, we’re popping champagne while the sun starts peaking out and thankfully it stuck around until the end! Sunshine makes a world of a difference and I’m obsessed with all these pretty portraits.

Allie and Daena were incredible models, so patient and fun to work with, I’m so happy I met them just a few months before the photoshoot through mutual friends! And yes, they really are married, so that makes everything easier for me! 🙂 I can’t thank these talented vendors enough for their participation and sharing their wonderful gifts with us! All I wanted was a super girly, all-things-Remy styled shoot to have fun with and they totally made that come to life.

The pink getaway car will be a new prop I can use at any time with my own clients and even at my couple’s weddings eventually! While packages and contracts are still being worked on, feel free to contact me if you have interest in using the car for a photoshoot with me! I can’t wait to use it more- it’s even cuter in person, friends! 🙂


Venue: Amber Grove Inn
Florals: Rose Avenue Floral Design
Invitation Suite: By Invitation Only
Hair and Makeup: His or Hers Salon and Spa (Madison Armstrong)
Cake: Lemon Lane Cakes
Calligraphy Scroll: Letterful

VDay 2020 Styled Shoot.26.jpg2020-02-26_0001.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.15.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.402.jpg2020-02-26_0002.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.21.jpg2020-02-26_0003.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.36.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.397.jpg2020-02-26_0004.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.41.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.399.jpg2020-02-26_0005.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.47.jpg2020-02-26_0006.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.59.jpg2020-02-26_0007.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.84.jpg2020-02-26_0008.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.88.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.215.jpg2020-02-26_0009.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.125.jpg2020-02-26_0010.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.108.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.217.jpg2020-02-26_0012.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.226.jpg2020-02-26_0014.jpg2020-02-26_0013.jpg2020-02-26_0011.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.134.jpg2020-02-26_0015.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.144.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.159.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.154.jpg2020-02-26_0016.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.150.jpg2020-02-26_0017.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.153.jpg2020-02-26_0018.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.162.jpg2020-02-26_0019.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.185.jpg2020-02-26_0020.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.194.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.199.jpg2020-02-26_0021.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.208.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.212.jpg2020-02-26_0022.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.241.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.287.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.269.jpg2020-02-26_0023.jpg2020-02-26_0026.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.263.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.283.jpg2020-02-26_0027.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.293.jpg2020-02-26_0024.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.274.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.284.jpg2020-02-26_0025.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.309.jpg2020-02-26_0028.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.312.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.314.jpg2020-02-26_0029.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.319.jpg2020-02-26_0030.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.357.jpg2020-02-26_0035.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.372.jpg2020-02-26_0036.jpg2020-02-26_0031.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.333.jpg2020-02-26_0032.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.335.jpg2020-02-26_0033.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.349.jpg2020-02-26_0034.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.391.jpg2020-02-26_0038.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.380.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.387.jpg2020-02-26_0037.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.381.jpg2020-02-26_0039.jpgVDay 2020 Styled Shoot.375.jpg

Amber Grove Wedding | Sarah + Matthew

Sarah and Matthew are MARRIED!!! They had the most beautiful wedding at Amber Grove and every detail was absolutely perfect! Their day was filled with so much love, happy tears, and laughter, I was so thankful to be a small part in it. I have to say, I think my favorite part was when they both went back to back to pray before the ceremony. I love when my bride and grooms want to find time for special moments like that in between the rushing around pre-ceremony. It’s so easy to get caught up in a timeline, to get all the pictures done on your list, or get frustrated if plans change because of the rain, but Sarah and Matthew kept their focus on the real meaning of their wedding day. I loved their wedding for so many reasons, as you can see from all the prettiness in the photos below, but most of all because the bride and groom were just SO ready to become husband and wife already!! Wishing these two a lifetime of joy and unconditional love!


Photographer: Remy Thompson Photography

Florist: Rose Avenue Floral Design 

Cake: Pearl’s Bake Shoppe 

DJ: Rhythm of Love

Hair: Jennifer Saunder’s Bridal 

Makeup: Cameron B. Carson

Venue: Amber Grove   

Wedding Dress: Ashley Grace Bridal in Lynchburg, VA

Bridesmaids Dresses: Caryn’s Bridal

Videography: Southern Distinction Cinema