Class of 2019 Senior Rep Program!

YAY!!! I have been looking forward to launching my new Senior Rep Program for so long! I can finally create a team of awesome seniors in the Richmond and surrounding areas now that my husband and I found the perfect place to settle down. I couldn’t be more excited about meeting my team, starting a group for seniors to make new, real, supportive friendships, and having a crazy amount of FUN celebrating together!!!!

My dream is to create a team that encourages young women to embrace their quirks and inspires other seniors to be confident in their own skin. I want to meet and accept girls who know what beauty really means, and that’s the sparkle inside them! 

If you know anyone graduating in 2019 who might be interested in joining the team, send them my way! If YOU are interested in applying, what are you waiting for!? It can’t hurt to try something new, right? Share with your parents/legal guardian, tell your friends, and spread the word! This is going to be the best way to celebrate your last year of high school and start the beginning of a new chapter! I wish I had a group of galpals to do something like this with during my senior year!! 


Read below for all the details and email me if you have any questions at all! EEEE, I can’t wait to start reading applications and throwing all the confetti when the team is chosen! Visit my website on the Seniors page to view the following information as well!


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***At a value of $2,000, this year’s investment is only $600!!!! Here’s the exciting part– if you are one of the first FIVE girls to apply, and you are chosen as a Senior Rep, you will receive $150 off!!!! That’s ONLY $450, friends!!! Hurry to apply now and share with friends!